Thursday, January 28, 2010

Road Rage

This entry was written last night, but I had some serious problems with publishing this dang post. I hit publish post and it tricked me into thinking my whole entry was deleted. Thankfully, I was able to retrieve what I spent so diligently writing. Hello, I told you I'm back and willing to do what it takes to keep up with my blog.

Today was not my lucky day behind the wheel. Yes, the worst was over Christmas break with all the freaky moms that had to get their whining child that Barbie/Transformer figurine for Christmas. Speeding, and running lights just to get to the store in hopes that they aren't sold out. I doubt it lady, I'm sure it turned out to be a good holiday, it just made her feel better to go 60 in a 45 mile zone. Anyways, back to the point of my story. I have dealt with many, dare I say, idiots today. Not just any idiots, but idiots behind the wheel. Wow, the "i" word is getting out of hand, but we all know who I'm talking about. I was driving to school, lacking in my punctuality, I of course ended up behind Grandma, who was literally driving 10 miles below the speed limit. Let's see, so about 15 mph! I was dying, but I tried to keep my cool. Then, I came to the roundabout that I go around every single day of the week and typically don't have a problem. Not today, I was behind the famous texter that is not watching the road, only his cell phone. Bah. I almost rear ended him, and on purpose! Luckily, I got the perfect parking spot, right next to the building where my class was held. When I got out class, began pulling out of my parking space, I noticed there were two cars, one on each side of me, with both of their blinkers on. I was interested in how this was going to go down. Indeed, they were dueling for my parking spot. One car was owned by an "idiot" blonde, (yes, I'm blonde, but idiot blonde and blonde are two very different things, let me tell you,) she was there right after the other car. I began pulling out slowly, tried to give these peeps in equal shot at this parking spot. They ended up playing chicken with each other. I was a little nervous. But, alas, the car that was there first won the spot. The stupy blonde just didn't have the guts to just grab that spot. I noticed that both drivers were laughing their heads off at the fact that they were animal like enough to attack a parking spot. We literally act like barbarians when trying to park right dab next to a building that we want to enter. We need the exercise anyways, right? That was my day of driving. I hope tomorrow brings me nothing but kind drivers, that give me the right of way 100%. Yeah right!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Round two...

Last year, I had attempted to keep a blog, as you can see: I failed miserably. I'm back for a second try at this thing. It's a good way to keep up with the haps in my life. Not that my life is all that glamorous, but I doubt it would bore you to death. Hopefully. I struggle with a horrible memory, thus, I don't have great amount of material to talk about. I blame my short term memory! I have so many stories to tell, but a lack of creative writing as well. That is all going to change starting now. This blog will keep me on my toes. I have the hardest time writing in the journal that rots next to my bed. Therefore, I shall keep this blog as my personal, well not so personal if ya'll are reading it, public journal for your eyes to see. I hope I will keep you intrigued with what I have to say. I love reading your blogs, so I best make mine a good one so you will stick around.