Tuesday, September 20, 2011

If I had money I'd live...

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. More like, Litchfield, South Carolina. Most people have heard of Myrtle Beach, but Litchfield is not too far from Myrtle Beach and it is heaven on earth. It is warm, the air is fresh, the ocean water feels like a warm bath, and I was in the company of wonderful peeps. Will and I met up with his awesome parents, his hoot of a sister Emily and bro in law Adam, and of course, the one and only Grand Janie.

Huntington Beach. I saw an alligator. Frrreaky.

Enjoyed a night on the pier.

I am telling you, that 4000 mile drive was completely worth it. We laughed, we ate, we BEACHED, we ate some more, we laughed, we slepped, we vacationed, we ate, and we just had a wonderful time. I like to close my eyes when I'm anywhere stressful and just picture everything about this trip and my troubles begin to fade. It really was that much fun. I really haven't been to a place quite like this one. Honestly, we had a very special schedule, especially when Emily and Adam were there (they left early), we'd get up every morning, take a light jog on the beach (by the way, I was sweating buckets on these runs...the air is so beautifully moist there, I felt 10 years younger, HA!), we'd get back from our run and eat a hearty breakfast (consisting of grits (of course), turkey bacon, fresh fruit, and eggs), rush to get in our get-up (beach-wear), make some delectable sandwiches, and take a stroll in our GOLF CART to the beach.

When we'd get to the beach, we would then proceed to dig a hole for the umbrellas. How to dig a hole (Adams way) 1. Use a childs shovel. 2. Dig until you see water or China. 3. stick the umbrella pole in the hole 4. Bury that pole with sand. 4. TAMP IT. TAMP IT. TAMP IT. Tamp? I never heaard of the word until this trip. I will never forget. nor will Will, because we say it all the time now. Thank you Adam and Adam's assistant. (aka Emily) We read on the beach, we sunbathed, we were sunpoisoned (just kidding, but we did get burnt), we ate those delicious sandwiches and picked out all the M&M's from my trail mix, we played frisbee (mostly the boys did, Will, Dad, and Adam), and swam in the bath until we were all pruiny. It was great. Just ppperfect! We basically beached it up until we could beach no mo. And you know it's not possible to not beach, so we beached until work and school so rudely interrupted our vaca.

Boys planning their frisbee strategies Photography by e. Kunz


We ate delicious home fried shrimp and fresh okra. I love the South. I'm okay if I live there. Really. It was that good of a time. It was very sad when it came to an end. It was like a mean grouchy old man came up to me and stole my giant lollipop right out of my hand, and I have not stopped crying since. Actually, today I have not cried, but sundown may take it's toll on me. We'll see.

Forgot to mention crabbing. We crabbed for crab, obviously. Wow, crabbing for dumb crab, apparently makes you dumber. This is the gesture for crabbing, I just made that up b.t.dubs.

We experienced some exciting weather while we were at the beach, I think it was the effects from the hurricane. Well anyway, we were in the ocean one day (shocker) and it began to downpour and thunderstorm, we proceeded to get out of the water and grab our schtuff, but the hardcore beacher that Emily is, was not leaving. She is a beacher and will be a beacher until she dies. You know like those feminists, she's like a beachist. Intense. The funny thing is, she was staying and nobody would stop her even if they wanted to, (well maybe lightning) because lightning struck not too far from us and we booked it off the beach into our baby golf cart. Not to worry, the storm came and went about 30 min later and Emily, Will, and I were out on the beach once again. You can take the Emily out of the ocean, but you cant take the ocean out of Emilly. Is that right? Ah, who gives a care. It was a blast and that's all that matters.

Civilian on the left (me) and Beachist on the right (Em)
Photography by e. Kunz

I married a gent, he was protecting his momma from the rain.
Photography by e. Kunz (I'm giving you the credit that you deserve, aight e.)

The best part of this trip was seeing Grand Janie! She is a hoot, feisty, hilarious, and more with it than I am. You can't get anything passed her. She really was the highlight of this trip and I'm so grateful I got to finally meet the woman Will talks so highly of. I miss her already!

Grand ole time. Can't wait for next years beach trip!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011


I could possibly be the worst blogger that exists. I have a good reason though. I'm trying to get an education and blogging is considered to be a distraction...I know, I was like, "whaaa, blogging? No!" Anywho. I am back for a minute just to recap my summer, that really didn't feel like summer. Felt more like a long labor filled semester of disgusting school. I did pass all my courses and I'm feeling pretty good. Although, I am back in school for one more semester and then I apply to the nursing program. If only that day would get here sooner.

Here's the juicy part of this post. Will and my trip across the country to go see his sweet Grand Janie (pictured below: who insists she has a meanstreak, yeah right, who does she think she's fooling?)

Photography by Emily Kunz (aka my sis in law and y'all should really check out her blog, because she is the funniest person I know, not even joking right now.)

Will and I are horrible. We did not get as many pictures as we had hoped. I mean, you decide to drive across the United States, you would think to keep your camera in hand, ready to shoot the heck out of everything. Yeah, NOPE. We are fools and were WAY too lazy to pull our camera out of our suitcase. Poor unfortunate fools. It's cool, I'm okay with dissing on myself, so is Will.
(Funny story: During this time I was using a topical cream for my acne, which causes my skin to be ultra sensitive. Well, I wanted to rid myself of my bushy unibrow before our trip so I got my eyebrows waxed. Yep, when she waxed my brows, she took a chunk of skin. Nasty I know, and so you can see in this picture, I have a grotesque scab between my eyebrows---What a beautte!)

We embarked on our journey across the country on the eve of August 12th. Yeah, in the evening folks. Will is crazy (a good kind of crazy), but crazy, and thought we could drive all night, taking shifts, (i.e. I drive, he sleeps...vice versa) and I was like, "Who do you think I am, some kind of insomniac foo?" Well, anyway, we attempted to take shifts and drive through the night. I think I made it about three hours, so we swtiched, and then Will drove for about 1 hour and said, "You were right, this is much harder than I thought." So, we proceeded to camp out in our car somewhere in Colorado. Can't remember where, oh wait, probably cause it was 3 'o clock in the morning!

So we slept about 4 hours, woke up, brushed our teeth in the nasty rest area bathroom, and continued on wheels to our next destination. We drove through Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, small chunk of Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, all the way to our beautiful destination Myrtle Beach, SC. So y'all know, I am really condensing this adventure. Sad, but I'm sure you don't want me to bore you with EVERY detail.

(St. Louis Gateway Arch)

Let me back track a little. We took a minor detour to the Appalachian mountains, because we brought all our hiking gear 2000 miles so Will could show me where he used to camp as a young lad. Ain't that presh? He was a lot of fun to be with during this time because he seriously was like a "little schoolboy, a schoolboy who desperately wants to make love to you!" Oh gosh, quote time, you get a golden ticket if you can tell me what that's from! Man, I got off course for a second. Will was so excited. It was like he was home again, on his terrain, you could've punched him in the kidneys and he would've given you a hug, that's how happy he was!

(That right there, behind us, is the Blue Ridge Parkway-->>couldn't ask for a more beautiful view)

It was beautiful. Did I mention, that is was beautiful? I don't think so, IT was BEAUTIFUL! Much prettier than I had imagined. I want to be there right now. Minus the dirt and the fact that our TFD (tinfoil dinners) did not cook worth a darn because everything is so wet in that part of the country, our fire lasted but 5 minutes. It was a good ole time, that's for sure.

I'm going to have to continue this because it's getting a little long for me....