Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas time is among us

Will and I have negotiated. We usually don't have to pull out our negotiating tactics because we typically find each other on the same page. Thank goodness, because life would be a gruesome struggle if that were the case. My point that I am trying to get at is Will likes to savor Christmas for a short time. He is allotted 2 weeks. Now Mine? Mine has no limits, I like to celebrate for the entire month of December, plus the last week of November. See, not on the same page. There is a struggle to getting to the same page because we both can't seem to put aside our traditional Christmas do's to fit the others traditions, but alas, we have come up with an agreement. It took the last three years to see eye to eye on this subject, but we have harmonized our traditions to fit each other. Three years, goes to show we've got a lot little pride in us. I began by saying, dearest William, man after my very own heart, master of all....Ok, it went nothing like that.

Actually, it went exactly like this:

Me: Will, pretty please, can we decorate and start listening to music right when we get home from Thanksgiving break, with a cherry on top?!
Will: No way, Jose, we are not decorating until a week before Christmas!
Me: Oh no YOU dint just tell me what to do.
Will: You just asked me!
Me: Big mistake, buddy. Big mistake!
Will: I'm confused.
Me: Me too...
Me: December 1st is the day we decorate, final offer.
Will: December 15th
Me: December 9th
Will: December 14th
Me: December 12th
Will: December 20th
Me: NO FAIR, that's not how this negotiating thing works. Ho-kay!
Will: FINE, December 13th. Final offer!
Me: Done
Will and Marci shook on it. And, to seal the deal, a kiss was exchanged. Ewww, cooties.
It feels oh so good to be on the same page as your spouse. I'm now just counting the days down to the beautiful day of December 13th, when WILL and I will be decorating our home. I love the holidays, they bring a flood of memories that generate an unconditional amount of joy into my life. Makes me want to curl up by a fire, drink a cup of hot joe (i'm talking cocoa, people.), and cuddle up with the guy that makes me smile a million times a day. Seriously, I think I have lock jaw or something. He's got to stop being so funny all the time, geez mahn!