Tuesday, November 30, 2010

*tis the season*

Christmas is coming and I'm feeling jolly. Being a LeBaron and all, I come from a family that loves tradition. I mean, we go all out when it comes to the holidays. Christmas time is when my family goes nuts. But, now that I'm married and we are combining our family traditions...it gets tricky. William loves Christmas, but doesn't feel we should decorate a month in advance or listen to any Christmas music until the week of. He feels he will go loco if he listens to Christmas music too soon. I understand where he is coming from, but being raised to listen to it the day after Thanksgiving, I've developed an immunity to listening to 'too much' Christmas music. I'm still sane.

(Christmas last year)

Yesterday, I started singing a Christmas tune, and I got it stuck in Will's cranium, he whistled and whistled and whistled. Great fun. Any who, I'm mostly glad I get to share all the great holidays with the guy I love. (Blah, I know. Chee-zay).

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

state-wide warning...pssh

Last night I was at work taking care of old people for a living. Oh no big deal. And I get about 20 calls and texts from my mother. Yes, my mother has taken on texting. It's shocking, really. I don't even like texting. Not my thing, but I guess it was an emergency, because my mom doesn't typically text me for no reason at all. This is what she sent me:

Message 1- Honey, if it's too bad of a blizzard tonight, you should just spend the night with Meema. (aka Grandma)

Message 2-There is a statewide blizzard warning. They haven't done this since 2001. It may be a complete whiteout for six hours. They said it could be worse in Utah County. I know you have snow tires but others might not. The Idaho border is closed.. DO NOT DRIVE IF IT'S AT ALL DANGEROUS!!!!

This is what I was expecting to see last night since Utah is "NEVER" wrong about their weather predictions:

This is what I ended up driving home to and waking up to in the morning:

I wish. Only kidding.

This is what the weather people were freaking out about? Sheesh. I betcha, the entire state of Utah was covered in white, except the little green dot that is Provo and Orem area. What do you think? Because I was tricked into thinking I'd get to have a slumber party with my Granny. Shame on you weather peeps.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

sick as a dog.

I haven't felt this sick in over two years. World record for Marci Mckay LeBaron Watson. When I was a youngster, I would get sick as easy as 1...2...3...it was horrible. I lived in Washington which is the state of rain, moist, and mold. My lungs weren't strong from the beginning, I was diagnosed with asthma when I was three years old and of course we moved to asthmatic attack central. Camas, Washington. I was basically raised in the hospital. Every year, I would develop the common cold, it would turn into acute bronchitis, then pneumonia, then I'd have an asthma attack, and for the finale...I be admitted to the hospital. One year, my lungs actually collapsed, worst year of being sick that I can remember. Year after year I would get absolutely sick of being sick. I actually took steroids. Not the muscle enhancing supplement you're thinking of. It's an anti-inflammatory drug that helped aid the recovery from pneumonia.

I dealt with this ritual for almost 18 years and right when I moved out to Utah, my entire life changed. The dry weather cured me of my repetitive visit to the hospital. I haven't been back to the hospital since I lived in Washington. Well, I have once, because of a castor oil incident...but, we won't go into that. I also haven't used my inhaler in two years.  I'm just grateful I'm feeling extremely ill without the risk of an asthma attack or pneumonia. I mean, there is a risk, but it's nothing like it used to be.

My throat feels like I've swallowed acid, but I know I'm on the road to feeling better. People...wash your hands! Warm water, soap, scrub for 30 seconds, rinse, and be cautious.

Ps. My husband should be a nurse. Nah. I don't think he'd survive with the whole needle part, but he sure knows how to take care of his woman when she's under the weather. He's awesome!

Monday, November 8, 2010


                               We worked at a call center two summers ago. What can I say?