Wednesday, November 24, 2010

state-wide warning...pssh

Last night I was at work taking care of old people for a living. Oh no big deal. And I get about 20 calls and texts from my mother. Yes, my mother has taken on texting. It's shocking, really. I don't even like texting. Not my thing, but I guess it was an emergency, because my mom doesn't typically text me for no reason at all. This is what she sent me:

Message 1- Honey, if it's too bad of a blizzard tonight, you should just spend the night with Meema. (aka Grandma)

Message 2-There is a statewide blizzard warning. They haven't done this since 2001. It may be a complete whiteout for six hours. They said it could be worse in Utah County. I know you have snow tires but others might not. The Idaho border is closed.. DO NOT DRIVE IF IT'S AT ALL DANGEROUS!!!!

This is what I was expecting to see last night since Utah is "NEVER" wrong about their weather predictions:

This is what I ended up driving home to and waking up to in the morning:

I wish. Only kidding.

This is what the weather people were freaking out about? Sheesh. I betcha, the entire state of Utah was covered in white, except the little green dot that is Provo and Orem area. What do you think? Because I was tricked into thinking I'd get to have a slumber party with my Granny. Shame on you weather peeps.


cHelsEy N mOrgAN said...

ha ha that's hilarious! now in idaho falls they are getting feet of snow. i'm surprised provo looks like that though :D

e. said...

WHAT? No snow? Utah totally made it into the Washington Post. Glad to know it wasn't as bad as the papers said :)