Tuesday, September 28, 2010

For the love of all drivers.

When someone willingly allows you to merge into their lane, what do you do?

Do you kindly wave your hand to let them know how appreciative you are of them?

Or do you rudely ignore them and go about your day as if someone wasn't kind enough to allow you to enter their lane?

I find that when someone is thoughtful enough to make some room for me to get over, it makes my whole day-you never know, I might need to urgently get off at the next exit or take the next right. It would really stink if I missed an exit just because some bozo wouldn't slow down enough for me to move into their lane.

Give me your opinion if you wish, but do you think Utah drivers are rude and inconsiderate? I know that we've got inconsiderate drivers all over this country, but Utah seems to be the breeding grounds for rude drivers. I'm from Washington and I don't remember any drivers that wouldn't allow you to merge into their lane. It just gets under my skin when drivers don't allow other drivers into their lane to the point that you have to squeeze yourself in their lane and then there is no room for a "thank you" at that point. "Who made that driver King or Queen of that lane? Hmm. Whooo?"

I need to take a chill pill.

I hope I'm making myself clear.

I have my moments, I am definitely not a perfect driver. I have the occasional road rage experience, but overall I am aware that I don't own the road and need to be considerate of those driving in front, behind, or next to me.

My rant has ended here.

guilty pleasure

 Did you know that Nutella has a day to itself, "World Nutella Day," who would've thought?

 Studying makes me hunger. That's why I made this. Nutella Pumpkin Bread.  I got it off of Two Peas and Their Pods blog. So tasty. Nutella is the greatest invention ever made. I want to swim in a pool of Nutella, actually that would be awkward...but I could eat it everyday if Nutella were a weight loss program. Absolutely, I would.

I did something goofy last night. Will said to me, "Can you make me some Nutella bread?" I said, "Absolutely, poopsy." Just kidding, we don't use pet names. So, I walked myself into the kitchen to make Nutella+Devine French bread= Nutella bread. I hand him the plate of deliciousness and he starts laughing. I began to ask in confusion, "What's so funny, Mr. Humorbox?" Will goes on to tell me that he had in mind some Nutella pumpkin bread and assumed I knew what he meant when he said, "Nutella bread." I felt sheepish. You'd think that being married for two years you'd know each other well enough. I am the kind of person that will make exactly what you tell me to make. I don't read minds for heaven's sake. From now on, I am going to have Will fill out a survey before I prepare him a meal. Ok, we won't go to that extreme of a level.

You have got to make this recipe, it is delectable. But, if you don't like Nutella or Pumpkin, then you probably shouldn't try this recipe and we probably shouldn't be friends. Kidding on that last part. Enjoy, I know you will.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Aww Shucks..

I love my husbands idea of a birthday gift. He knows exactly the way to this woman's heart.

  I like to run. A lot. My knees are taking a hit due to the shoes I've been wearing. No longer will that be an issue, because my husband took me to this store: 26.2 (running-everything store) and they tested the pronation of my foot by recording me on a treadmill running, and used some fancy tools to measure my pronation. For those of you who do not know what pronation of the foot is, (i had no idea what it meant until the nice lady told me.) Pronation of the foot:  The pronated foot is one in which the heel bone angles inward and the arch tends to collapse. (Thank you Wiki). This is the most common foot type. It's kind of confusing, but all you need to know is normal pronation is between 3-6, but I ended up measuring 10 on leftie, and 14 on rightie. This is what was causing my knees to feel like silly puddy when I'd run long distances. Anywho, my husband is the bom dot com and surprised me by taking me to 26.2 to pick out the best shoe to help my knees from not hurting so bad when running. I picked these out of the grand selection of fancy schmancy running shoes. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I work at Courtyard at Jamestown as a CNA, and I think it's a pretty awesome job. It's something I enjoy doing, making people's lives easier. By people, I mean the elderly. The only downfall with this job is I work the graveyard shift. Only two days a week, so it's not too detrimental to my sleep. It feels really weird staying up that late. It's like I'm doing something wrong, almost as if I'm disobeying my parents for staying up past my bedtime. Nope, that couldn't be right, because I am an adult. Anyway, I just really wanted to work at Jamestown because it's #1 Assisted Living facility in Utah. So, that's why I took whatever I could get and graveyards is what I could get. My grandmother lives here, so that makes it enjoyable. Except I don't see her at all because she's usually sleeping when I'm working. I didn't appreciate how healthy and with it my grandmother is until I started working at Jamestown. She is one spry cookie and full of life. I just adore her. That's pretty much the update in my life.

A Lot Like Love

Could possibly be my favorite movie.