Tuesday, September 28, 2010

guilty pleasure

 Did you know that Nutella has a day to itself, "World Nutella Day," who would've thought?

 Studying makes me hunger. That's why I made this. Nutella Pumpkin Bread.  I got it off of Two Peas and Their Pods blog. So tasty. Nutella is the greatest invention ever made. I want to swim in a pool of Nutella, actually that would be awkward...but I could eat it everyday if Nutella were a weight loss program. Absolutely, I would.

I did something goofy last night. Will said to me, "Can you make me some Nutella bread?" I said, "Absolutely, poopsy." Just kidding, we don't use pet names. So, I walked myself into the kitchen to make Nutella+Devine French bread= Nutella bread. I hand him the plate of deliciousness and he starts laughing. I began to ask in confusion, "What's so funny, Mr. Humorbox?" Will goes on to tell me that he had in mind some Nutella pumpkin bread and assumed I knew what he meant when he said, "Nutella bread." I felt sheepish. You'd think that being married for two years you'd know each other well enough. I am the kind of person that will make exactly what you tell me to make. I don't read minds for heaven's sake. From now on, I am going to have Will fill out a survey before I prepare him a meal. Ok, we won't go to that extreme of a level.

You have got to make this recipe, it is delectable. But, if you don't like Nutella or Pumpkin, then you probably shouldn't try this recipe and we probably shouldn't be friends. Kidding on that last part. Enjoy, I know you will.

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