Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I work at Courtyard at Jamestown as a CNA, and I think it's a pretty awesome job. It's something I enjoy doing, making people's lives easier. By people, I mean the elderly. The only downfall with this job is I work the graveyard shift. Only two days a week, so it's not too detrimental to my sleep. It feels really weird staying up that late. It's like I'm doing something wrong, almost as if I'm disobeying my parents for staying up past my bedtime. Nope, that couldn't be right, because I am an adult. Anyway, I just really wanted to work at Jamestown because it's #1 Assisted Living facility in Utah. So, that's why I took whatever I could get and graveyards is what I could get. My grandmother lives here, so that makes it enjoyable. Except I don't see her at all because she's usually sleeping when I'm working. I didn't appreciate how healthy and with it my grandmother is until I started working at Jamestown. She is one spry cookie and full of life. I just adore her. That's pretty much the update in my life.


Kevin & Ashley said...

Oh Marci! That is awesome!!! My Business Organizational Behavior group did a presentation for some of the residents there as volunteer work! So I have totally been there! Some of those residents are hilarious! Ask your grandma if she went to a class on 'The Color Code.' Basically we administered a test on personalities and the senior citizens learned about everyone's personalities and how they can understand each other! WAY TO GO!

Julie said...

I work graveyards all the time for my job too! Fun, isn't it??

Marci LeBaron Watson said...

Ash: Thanks!! That's awesome that you were at Jamestown. When were you there?

Julie: Where do you work, Bukki?? Fun?? Well, I don't know about fun. But, interesting--that word definitely fits the description. :D