Saturday, June 19, 2010

Peacin' Out

My time has come to go on a road trip with the all time favorite man in my life. . .if you were wondering, it's Will I'm speaking of. A vacation, yes, I have forgotten what that feels like. It hasn't hit me that we are going to have a week to lay on the California beach and get some sun for our white tushies (we won't be tanning European style--for the record), we get to visit my Meema everyday, take a traditional trip to the Boardwalk, and walk along the Warf. Things you don't typically get to do everyday, living in Ewwtah and everything. 

I'd like to inform you that this woman, my Meema, is the most thoughtful, selfless person in the entire world. I owe everything to her. She is moving to Utah (Assisted Living), so my family is helping her move while we're in California. I'm thrilled to have my Grandma Meema closer to us--she deserves a daily visit at least. I love her. 

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