Friday, July 30, 2010

Certified Nursing Assistant--That's Right!

It's been quite sometime since I last posted anything. I figure it's got to be something really good and juicy for it to be even considered as a posting. Well, I've got something good. I'm a CNA, friends! I took a short course in October of last year and I've put off taking the test for the longest time. Well, I finally came to the conclusion that I want to be a nurse. The program that I plan to apply to in January requires applicants to become certified as an NA. So, I took the dang test. I passed. I literally jumped 4 feet in the air. Is that even considered high? Do I care? No. Because I passed and I can get a job that pays better and it's something that I love to do. Assist people that are in need of help. Now, I just need to get my resume out there and apply to some jobs. Should be a piece of cake. Let's hope so. 


Kevin & Ashley said...

Oh that is awesome!!! I am actually curiuos about this CNA thing! I would like to help people but how do you become certified and what exactly do you do? And I am coming to Provo in a couple of weeks and I want to see you and go to the gym of course! Where are you living? Text me please! I got a new phone and lost all old numbers!

Julie and Spencer said...

Marci this is SO EXCITING! I knew you could do it! Passing that test isn't easy I hear :) When I come back next week let's work out on Monday morning!!

KaRynn said...

Woot!! I've told you already, but I'll tell you again. I'm so excited for you! You completely deserve it!