Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jewemy Bwyce LeBawon

My big brudder is getting married! Oh, happy day. I grew up idolizing everything Jeremy did. He thought I was some pest, following him around, and just wouldn't leave him alone. I actually thought that he thought I was cool. Kinda, sad. So, basically I was a loser. Don't worry, I didn't think I was a loser, my braced-face-self thought I was pretty freaking awesome.

I admired my bro for his sense of humor, testimony, he is such a peace maker--(its almost annoying how peace-makerish he is.) For instance, Kell and I would be fighting over something legit, like who gets to use the only straightener in the house first. See, I told you it was legit. But, Jer would find some way to spoil our fighting fun and we'd kiss and make-up (ok ok, we didn't kiss, but there was hugging) things turned back to being hunky dory. He thinks I hated those moments when he was right, but I just just he was cooler. There is something to be said for trying to be a better person.

When he went on his mission, I thought I would die. I missed him A LOT. I got over it and just waited the two years just like any normal person. When he came home, it was surprising to hear what he thought of me before his mission. Yep, he said it...a PEST! Definitely helps my self-esteem decline every time I hear I was a pest. We became such good buddies when he arrived to the states from his long journey in Bulgaria. I showed him the ropes, how college works, how dating works, and just how to have a good ol' time. I'd like to think I brought Sarah and Jeremy together because I lived at Raintree, (Dating Willy-boy at the time), Jer thought he was pretty cool so he moved in to Will's apartment. Sarah lived at Raintree too and that's where they met. Raintree is just full of matchmaking. There is a lot of love going around in that complex. Maybe a little tooo much love. Ok, I'm just kidding. Kinda.

 Commercial break. 

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Where was I?

Oh right!

What I'm trying to say is, he is the best brother a girl could ask for. He never EVER picked on us, even though he did consider me a pest. I'm grateful he's met a girl like Sarah, that makes him so happy and I know she's going to make his eternity a blast. She is an awesome addition to our fam. I don't think I've ever been so excited for a wedding that's not mine. I can't wait to see my brother get married. He got to see me, therefore,  it's only fair that I get to see him. I love you Jer Bear! You're one of a kind.

Big Day: Saturday August 21, 2010.
Ps. Look at those dimples. They're going to have some good looking babies.

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