Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I miss home.

My home has always been Camas, Washington. Home of the Papermakers. I think it's nuts that our school mascot is a Papermaker machine monster.

If you're familiar with Washington, it rains, it's green, and there are lots and lots of trees. Therefore, in order to make paper, you'd need trees. Camas is known for it's stinky Paper Mill. I wonder why they decided to make our mascot the Papermaker machine? Hmm? Beats me. Anywho, I honestly loved where I grew up. We lived in a residential neighborhood, that produced good people. My closest friends lived in that neighborhood with me. I remember our late (late being, 9:00pm for a 13 year old) summer evenings playing "kick the can" with my fellow neighbors.

I don't miss having to wake up at 4 am every morning just so I could enjoy a hot shower before my siblings toook over and used up all the hot water. Plus, seminary was at 6 am every morning...SIX O' CLOCK in the MORNING, I've forgotten what 6am looks like. I miss my old house, it was a great house.

Definitely could have used my own room during my adolescent stage, though. Sharing a room with my twin sister was not ideal in my mind. I was clean, she was messy. Picture living with someone that is the complete opposite of your entire existence. That is exactly how it was living with my twin. But, the funny thing about that is...I miss it. I miss sleeping in my twin bed, next to my twin sister's bed. We had matching quilts and pillows. So, twinnish. I miss our beanie babies basket catching game that we only played when we were supposed to be asleep, (Kelli, you know exactly what I'm talking about), ohh and I miss playing hang man!

The day I got my driver's license, I had never felt so cool in my life. I could do anything, I was free. Well, almost. I still had a curfew and enough change to buy me a Taco Bell bean burrito and double decker. I was finally able to drive to my Best Friend, Chelsey's house almost all the time. My girls, Chels, Emily, and I would get all cute for the Stake dances and we were be able to drive ourselves. Never felt so good. We were party animals at those church dances.

It's not what you think. 
Sparkling cider is the only way to go.

Excuse my sweaty pit. We danced the night away.

Everything about Washington is grand. Yes, it rains buckets a day, and you'd think you'd get tired of the rain and the cloudy weather. I never did. When I graduated and moved out to Utah,  I loved it. But, Utah will never be Washington. I think it's beautiful out here in it's own special way. I just don't want to end up here. Although, I don't know where Will and I will end up in the future. I do know that Will would love to move back to his home in the South. North Carolina, if it were his choice. I would love to be in Washington, if at all possible. Who knows. It's just exciting that we get to create our future together. I've decided that my home is where Will is. Whether it's in Utah, Alaska, or  Maupiti (now wouldn't that be a peach) or even Canada, eh?  I know that we will be okay because we're in this together.


EmilyT said...

LOVE this post! almost made me cry! i miss those days SO BAD! we were the craziest girls (and the hottest) at the stake dances!!! I agree with you how washington is the best but you just gotta make your home a home whereever you are. we feel that way about idaho, its our HOME for now and we like it but we hope someday we can move back to vancouver. LOVE!!!!

Chelsey Hancock said...

we love the papermakers! got to agree with you that washington is the best ever--also, love your blog! so cute. we've got to get together sometime and have a camas married people's date, deal?

cHelsEy N mOrgAN said...

oh my gosh!!! i was so surprised to see those pics up! man i'm with em! i totally miss those days! we had so much fun! remember driving around in the beast and listening to the same casette tape i made of our favorite songs...over and over and over again??