Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pain You Enjoy? Really?

This last Saturday, June 12th was an unusual day for me. It was the day of my half-marathon. I had to be up by 2:45am so Julie (Super-hero running buddy) and I could make it to where the buses pick you up for the race at 3:30am. Luckily, we made it to the start line in time. . .although we had to use the bathroom (or should I say porta-pooty--yuck) before the race, but the line was too long for our liking. We waited and waited--15 minutes went by and we had 3 minutes until they shot the gun for the race to begin. We are the fastest bathroom goers EVER! It was amazing, my friends. I know all you people think I'm a nut job for running that far, but it's pain you enjoy. But, that's not what I was saying the day after the race. Anyway, Julie and I made good time, we paced ourselves through the whole race so that we wouldn't end up stopping. Our first mile was awesome! When we hit the 1 mile mark, Julie looked at her stop watch and we ran that in 8 minutes. We were so proud of ourswelves. We usually just maintain a 10 minute mile pace...not the first mile baby---8minutemilewooot. We did stick with the 10 minute miles throughout the race, because it didn't get easier, especially when I hit mile 9. Being my first half-marathon, I was having a great time. Every two miles I kept seeing the light at the end of the tunnel--volunteers for the race were handing us: water, oranges, bananas, energy gelly raspberry thingy, powerade...it was all so wonderful.

I had to use the ladies room as I got to the bottom of Provo Canyon, I guess my first visit to the porta-pooty wasn't enough. So, I ran ahead of Julie so that we could meet up after I went to the bano. As I was waiting in line behind these girls that didn't act like they were running a race, I felt like I was at a sleepover for a second. The line didn't seem to shrink, and I saw Julie pass right by me. Immediately, I told my bladder, "You can wait!" So, I just skipped going to the bathroom and kept running. I wanted to get a decent time, it being my first race and all. I booked it for a little while. The last 3 miles were the death of me. My legs were throbbing, and my buttocks felt like someone/something was pricking me with little needles. I'm telling ya, pain you kind of enjoy. Man, when I finished that race, I had never been so happy!

 I was looking everywhere for my Will. No sight of him. Get this, so he wakes up with me @t 2:45, makes me a wonderful breakfast, all hearty and healthy, blah blah for the race, and sets his alarm to wake up in time for me to get done with the race. Poor guy, his alarm didn't go off. Willy-dawg missed my race! He felt terrible, oh and and I felt terrible too. I ran that race for that dude. Ok ok, I ran it for me, but was so excited to show off my running skills to the man. I forgave him for missing it. Anywho. I got a medal and free food after the race, totally worth 13.1 miles. Not really, I ran to get a t-shirt. They told Julie and me that they'll send it to us. Well, thanks. I'm never running 13.1 miles again. Just kidding.
I just might do it again.

I have never been so sore in my entire life. Ok ok ok...so it was pain I ended up not enjoying. Will had to carry me around for a day, not the worst thing in the world. He made missing my race up to me, by taking me out to Kneaders, hot tubbing, going to see a movie. It was the longest/most awesome day of my life (I was awake at 2:45am), just like this is the longest post of my life. WOW. I probably should quit while I'm ahead. THANKS JULIE for being an amazing friend and running that long-butt race with me. You were amazing! We did it!!!!


Kevin & Ashley said...

WOW You did it yay!!! I'm so proud of you! I suck at running! Dang, I wish I could have started training with you when you did! Well, way to go! I'm proud of ya! We'll have to hit up the gym when I get back in Provo!!!

cHelsEy & mOrgAN said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! i am hoping to do one of those :D but wow marc that's great that you did it!!! hard work! way to go!

Marci LeBaron Watson said...

Ash--we're hitting the gym when you get back here. Cant wait.

Chels-face--I'm going to say it again, you taught me how to run. So, cheers to you, girl! Thanks for getting me started.