Tuesday, November 30, 2010

*tis the season*

Christmas is coming and I'm feeling jolly. Being a LeBaron and all, I come from a family that loves tradition. I mean, we go all out when it comes to the holidays. Christmas time is when my family goes nuts. But, now that I'm married and we are combining our family traditions...it gets tricky. William loves Christmas, but doesn't feel we should decorate a month in advance or listen to any Christmas music until the week of. He feels he will go loco if he listens to Christmas music too soon. I understand where he is coming from, but being raised to listen to it the day after Thanksgiving, I've developed an immunity to listening to 'too much' Christmas music. I'm still sane.

(Christmas last year)

Yesterday, I started singing a Christmas tune, and I got it stuck in Will's cranium, he whistled and whistled and whistled. Great fun. Any who, I'm mostly glad I get to share all the great holidays with the guy I love. (Blah, I know. Chee-zay).

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cHelsEy N mOrgAN said...

Marci i'm right along with you. i even sneak-listened to some christmas music before thanksgiving, but now that thanksgiving is over christmas is on in full-force. but morgan's kinda the same way, he doesn't really care if we decorate until the week of. won't tolerate any christmas music before thanksgiving, but he's been tolerating it pretty well now that it's after :D