Wednesday, December 15, 2010

oh boy!

My nose is glued to my chemistry book for the entire day, literally. Last final is tomorrow morning, I can't breath until I take that last step out of the testing center. Will and I have a numerous amount of fun activities in-store in celebration of school being out for a couple weeks.

-Work Christmas parties
-movies, lots of movies
-gym time...tis the season to be shedding
-Christmas at Bear Lake--yippi
-family time
-Hot Cocoa with Tim Tams (what happened to shedding?)
-Ice skating
-CHRISTMAS--Santa is coming, peeps!
-Depressing farewell 

 Such fun we were having!
 You can't tell, but Melissa was really happy! :)
Me, Sandi, and Melissa
(Not pictured: The Babe (aka Juliet)

The worst part about this month coming to an end is my dearest friend that I love above ALL :), is moving all the way to Los Angeles, CA. I couldn't be happier for Melissa, Dan, and the babe, but I'll miss being so close and wish I had taken advantage of the close distance. But, I'm supper happy they get to move closer to my other awesome friend, KaRynn that moved to Los Angeles not too long ago. Disneyland this summer, we're staying with you, Melissa!


marisalisa said...

i LOVVEEEE tim tams! some australian guys a couple of years ago taught me what a tim tam slam was and i've been hooked ever since. mmmm... hope you have a merry christmas!

Marlowe @ Come Home to Roost said...

I feel the school pain -- only from a mom's perspective. I did my time -- why am I having to do it again vicariously?? Wish we were coming out to escape the madness but looks like we'll stay put. Come ski with us -- we'll take you to the mountains :)

KaRynn said...

bahaha. and who taught you about hot chocolate and tim tams? Huh?? ;D

And thanks for the shout out. you better know I'm awesome. And yes. You HAVE to come this summer for a Disneyand/KaRynn&Dan&Melissa&Juliet trip. Because you can't come and NOT see me. Otherwise, I would NEVER forgive you. Never!! ;D