Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Then and Now

What happened? I look nothing like I did when I was little iddy person. I guess that's normal. BUT, the man that I love, has not changed a bit since he was a young lad. All you have to do is resize the picture below to a larger size and voila, adult version of baby Will. Okay okay, it's not that extreme, but still, he looks no different. Maybe he has a few crows feet and some beach balls for arms, but that is about it. He ages beautifully. It's not cool and I'm not okay with it. I need to find out his secret. Once I find out, I'll let y'all in on the secret. He was sure cute. I want a Will Jr. Don't worry, we are not naming our future child Will Jr. AND, I'm not pregnant.

(Left to right: Me, My sister Lindsay, and my twin...mesmerized with my dad's shaving routine)

(Will and his brother Joseph)

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Jani said...

Look at you two...you're gonna make adorable babies!