Thursday, July 19, 2012

Three. Zero.

I'm married to a thirty year old. Will does not act like a thirty year old and I mean that in the least pubescent way possible. To celebrate his momentous day of birth, I fed his face full of pretty scrumptious food. All Will really wanted for his birthday was to get his car tuned and that is exactly what we did. I love Will because he doesn't like attention. He wants the spotlight as far away from him as it can get. The problem with marrying me is, I love to shine the spotlight on him because he is someone worth celebrating. At the end of the day he made sure I knew that he liked being celebrated by me. I told him, "I will celebrate you whether you like it or not!" I mean, thirty years is a great success and he is unbelievably healthy, so why not celebrate making it this far. Happy Birthday, lovee-o-mine!


e. said...

Love that last picture. Quite the poser, eh? And those cupcakes making an appearance at the family reunion is not negotiable.

Marci LeBaron Watson said...

You taught him well, Em! You don't want my cupcakes. The camera did all the work, I swears.

marlowe said...

Happy birthday, will! Baby brain ... And a slew of really close together July birthdays ... Made me forget to call! But ... I says happy birthday anyways!