Monday, October 10, 2011

3 years down 6 to go...

Will turned to me last night and spoke in a soft whisper, "Happy Anniversary, Babe. Three down, three more to go." I thought, "THREE MORE? So, that's it?" And I of course turned to him with a bewildered look on my face and said, "What happens after we get passed the six year mark, huh?" He so jokingly rolled his pretty blue eyes and said, "At that point, we'll have three more to look forward to." I was thinking, well okay then. At least we've got the upcoming years to look forward to and the success of our marriage is determined in multiples of three. All I know is, I love the man I'm married to. He is my partner in crime, he supports me in every way, and every time he comes home from work it is like the best Christmas present a girl could ask for. Seriously, people. It's like I have Christmas every day of the year. I am such a bragger.

(Will and me back in the day. Dating.)

Well, anywho.

We didn't really celebrate our anniversary rather we spent our weekend with Will's family. Which turned out to be a secret celebration because I honestly would not have spent it any other way, Will felt the same way. We ate food (what's new?), and just sat around playing with the nieces and nephews and sharing lots of fun memories. We got home from this wonderful weekend of family bonding time and felt a little bummed because we didn't live as close to family as we used to. But, realized we are lucky to have each other to cling onto. We are each others family now.

Lucky us, we get to visit Will's brother (Joseph) and sister-in-law (Jen), their baby Ruby, and little dog (Daisy) this coming weekend at their new home in Las Vegas. Can't wait. We love a good family pow-wow.

(Will can't stress to me enough how much he loves his picture taken. Actually, maybe it's the other way around. Ah forget it. You cannot stop a Marci from taking pictures)

I love life. I love my amazing husband. And most of all I love what the future has to offer.


(We're cheeseballz, in case you were wondering.)

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