Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Thanks to my daddeh, I inherited his curly, nappy yak hair...I love my father, he can't help what he gave me, whether it is good or bad. I just gotta live with it. But, thanks to this generation we live in, we've been blessed with the Chi. The only thing that could possibly tame my mane. I've tried the cheap Walmart brand straightners, eh, I've tried pretty much everything. Except, chemically straightning my hair, I'm not that desperate. But, this is currently my greatest solution. What would I do without you, Chi? This is what my bad dawg looks like...

I probably wouldn't have met my husband without this invention. Not that my man is shallow or anything, he just probably wouldn't have been able to see my face underneath the afro living on my head. You all probably think I'm exaggerating, well I'm not. I speak only the truth on this matter. My hair is a monster! All I'm saying, is I'm grateful for the Chi straightener. I love it.

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EmilyT said...

i dont know if you know this but you and i have the SAME exact thickness and texture of hair. i have to straighten my hair every day to make it stright and smooth and silky. BUT when im blow drying my hair, it is so course and HUGE and curly and NASTY! i CANNOT let it air dry it would be sooo scary and horrible. i hate wearing it curly because its so frizzy and cannot be tamed. so im forced to spend so much time straightening it. lame!!!! i think you have really nice hair, so whatever your doing is working!