Sunday, March 28, 2010

My boy.

           Mack Attack, he is my pride and joy. My nephew to be exact. I love him to pieces. This is my older sister, Lindsay's lil' boy and I have been bound to love him forever and ever. I hope I'm right on this sister, my little nephew of a man will be turning 5 in July. Cuuh-razy. I remember when my sister was pregnant with the miniature man. That was the main thought going through my brain, baby boy, my very own nephew, yikes. At this point I had become an aunt to quite a few children, but it was my sisters first baby. Just a miner difference in the way I felt. I love all my nieces and nephews the same, I just was so excited for this one. 

           The day my sister gave birth to Mack, I was there every step of the way. I saw everything, that's right. I am a true, and loyal sista. I held up Lindsay's left leg, while Tyson (my awesome, bro-in-law) held her right leg, the entire process of getting Mack into this world. It wasn't necessarily my favorite thing to do, but I was so happy to be there for her and her little man. This kid has the biggest heart and he just keeps getting sweeter and don't forget unbelievably hilarious. I crack up at everything he says. I'm glad my sister moved from San Diego a couple years ago to Bountiful, Ut, and now I get to see them more often than not. You did a good job sis, and I'm glad I've been blessed to be an aunt to such a great kid. 

          Let's not forget about Mason the man. That is Mack's baby brother. He is just as cute in his own delightful way. I just have a kick when I get to spend the day with those adorable peeps. You never ever know what's going to come out of there tiny mouths. I'm talking about you too, Lindz! 


Kelli LeBaron said...

well, usually if it's coming out of mason's mouth, it's going to be "momo" or "mama" coming out of his mouth! and now he can say "yelly!" yayy.

Marci LeBaron Watson said...

yaay for "YELLI!"

a..e..i..o...u. i have never EVER laughed/cried that hard.

Downtown said...

Hey cute nephew. I have 3 nieces and one nephew and they are so precioso! So the St. George Marathon registration. It's 80 buckaroos. Are you still down? I think we can register together. We will find out if we make it May 7th. If we don't then we get our money back. I hope we get in! How's training going? We seriously need to get together and run!