Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thems just jokes!

My brotha from the same motha, has a great tendency to make a joke pretty much about everything. I like to joke, I think things are relatively funny...I think my husband is funny. Funny looking! (Could not resist) With that being said, I didn't find my dream funny at all last night. As most of you know, today is April Fools Day and that is probably why I had the dream that I did. It was a random dream, with a whole lot of randomness. I'll just make this short, because I believe this dream lasted the remainder of my sleep. So, let's just say about...8 hours. Long booty dream! Basically, Jeremy and I were arguing about school or something, so Jeremy (my dear brother) the peacemaker he is, pulled out a bomb and want to blow up our argument, literally blow it up. Don't ask me, my dreams are just magical. He decides to blow it up and ends up blowing himself up. Surprise, surprise. At this point, (On the other side of reality) Will says, I was flailing my arms around, shouting, "Noooo, NOOOO, Jeremy's gone!" I might have been crying, Will and I can't recall. After, that little episode, Jeremy miraculously pulls his body parts together and says, "April Fools!" That's so funny, hilarious, I'm holding my sides because I just can't control the laughter, 6 pack here I come! Really, it's disgustingly not funny. I had this dream because my brother is really this way. He thinks this sorta stuff is funny. Maybe it is. I just don't find my brother dying and then joking about it, very funny. Yes, it was a dream. Yes, he is still alive today, and Yes, I will NEVER celebrate April Fools. My husband fits into this category as well. 

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