Thursday, April 29, 2010


The time has come. . .FINALS are over! That's right! I couldn't be happier. This semester was definitely not my hardest nor my last semester I will have to face, but it's been a busy few months. It's that time to sit back and pull out my favorite book, or even take up sewing. By the way, my sweet mother-in-law fixed up a sewing machine that I am very excited about. Bernina 530. It's a beauty. Can't wait to learn the many techniques that go into sewing. The only problem that I have is, it truly hasn't hit me that the semester is over. You know the feeling, I'm sure. The feeling that you have something unfinished, that you still have a project or test that you need to prepare for. Nope, I am A-OK to partay! Whatever that means. On another note, Will and I are moving! We couldn't be happier. We've lived in our little piece of nothing for a year and a half. We are moving into Joseph(brotha-in-law) and Jen's(sista-in-law) basement. It's a great deal and we couldn't ask for better neighbors!! We are just so excited for this summer and what our future has in store. I'm getting all touchy feely & teary-eyed. So, I best be on my way. Have a splendid day!!


Julie and Spencer said...

So glad your finals are over! I got your text. I'm so sad you can't run the marathon! I don't know if I'm even in it or not, but oh well. Let me know when you have a free night to go running.

Marci LeBaron Watson said...

I am too--I was distraught when I realized I didn't physically sign up. My mind is out of sorts. We're getting settled though. I could go running anytime next week in the evening or mornin. WE need to get pumped for this marathon! :D

cHelsEy & mOrgAN said...

YAY! I love it when finals are over :D congrats!