Thursday, April 15, 2010

death week.

My least favorite week is upon arrival. Finals week is what it's most commonly known for, I like to call it, "The Week of He**!" I'll keep it G-rated, for the kids. (because so many children read my blog!) Any who, I'm getting prepped for my projects and tests that are slowly creeping up on me. I always wondered why my face would break out or I'd have random crying episodes during the week of torture. Stress! It's made up, this said stress. It's not real, and I need to conquer this made up feeling so that I can make it out of this hole, aka college. Maybe I would do better if I just took a chill pill. Who prescribes those anyway? Anyone?!?

K. It's not this bad. But, you catch what I'm putting down.

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Downtown said...

Hey girl I hear ya! Finals are the absolute pits! I'm just glad I don't have to do that anymore! Haha. You will get through it though. Then you'll wish you were still in school learning. It's a viscious cycle. Anyway, want to go running on Saturday morning? I will be in town!