Monday, March 1, 2010


I'm dying here. I have suffered from acne long enough. High school was obviously the worst time for most of us, oh the good ole days of puberty. I feel like I'm still going through it, which maybe I am, maybe I'm not. It's not fair, because my twin sister has perfect, I mean PERFECT skin. As you can see:

It's just as soft as a babies buttocks. I've envied her skin for years. Curse her porcelain skin. There was a year when my face AND back were covered in "insert ugly word here," and my twin was complaining about her first, itsy, bitsy, tiny, pimple on her nose. Puuhhlease, kill me know. It made me so mad. I stilll love you sis, kind of. It's gone on long enough. But, it's as if there is no solution. I came to college and the acne followed me here. So, I decided to join the Acutane club and go on the dang drug. 6 long torturous months went by, and my whole body became chapped from this mighty medication, I was finally acne free. And, luckily I didn't get pregnant during this time because, for one I wasn't married, and dos, my babies would have come out deformed. Doctors freak out if you are not on a form of birth control, because if you somehow conceive while on this medication, it is guaranteed that your child will have deformities. Anyway, it was great stuff for my skin. It cleared everything, even the disgusting blackheads on my nose, I'm terribly sorry for the TMI. But, you all know what I'm talking about.

As the years went by, my back stayed clear, but my face began to break out once again. Sometimes it's clear, and the times that it breaks out into a war of pimples, I just feel as if my face will never see the light of perfection. Maybe in the eternities, but not in my current mortal state it's not. I just need a little help, advice, anything to get rid of these disgusting growths on my face. I've been thinking about ProActive, I used this product in high school and it helps for a little bit, as all the products we use do. I just need to get out my absolute frustration to my pimples, I hate you acne and I want you to die. You've resided on my face for too long. That's all I have to say about that...

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EmilyT said...

oh my gosh your not alone!!!!! ive struggled with bumpy skin since my freshman year in high school and it still haunts me and im 21! its not REALLY bad but to ME it is. im not a teen anymore! and around my period....disaster. i feel like i have to cake on more makeup to cover, to feel better about myself but i know it just makes it worse! i tried proactive in high school too and it helped a little, i actually just ordered it a week ago, should be here any day. i think it will help me, lets keep our fingers crossed! but you aren't the only one! and pregnancy makes it worse!