Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jump Start

I've been to the gym everyday this week. Yes, it may sound like I'm boasting my life away, but that's wrong. I'm not good at going to the gym, especially by myself. But, I did it. So far.

That is not my point.

I was at the gym, decided to run until my Ipod decided to die. Some motivation, eh? I got to 20 min., it was still trucking along. Got to 30 min, and my Ipod kept saying it was going to die, there is a lady in my Ipod telling me my Ipod is about to go to heaven. 40 minutes...50 min...60 min, I just couldn't go on like this, I stopped running. I didn't want to die before my ipod died. I was pooped. Got to my car after a long booty run, turned the car battery died before my Ipod and me. I had left my lights on the entire time I was in the gym, silly Marci. Tried to get up the nerve to ask a few people that passed my car if they didn't mind helping a poor girl out, but the nerve never came. I tried calling Will (perfect day to leave his phone at home) and then I tried my mom. No answer!

LIGHT BULB..."how about I run to Wills work and tell him in person that I need him to jump start my babeh, it's not that far from here." Just... TWO MILES. It felt like I ran a marathon when I got to the doors of his work. I was embarrassed because I was all sweaty and gymified. Not super attractive. I still can't believe I ran a half marathon last summer, because that just about killed me. Thanks to Will my car is alive and driving like a champ.

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Kevin & Ashley said...

Haha. I was at the gym tonight! Could have called me! By the way go to the gym and workout with me!!!