Friday, February 4, 2011


I started running last year, and it was not a pretty site--let me tell you. I was horrible when it came to exercising. At the time, Will and I both had a membership at Gold's Gym. We decided we didn't want to put on married people weight, so we made a pact that we would be gym buddies for life. We were pretty good about attending the gym, but horrible when it came to working out. Actually, I was horrible, Will was pretty much a natural. I was jealous.

We set up an exercising chart, (ex. Monday: legs day, Tuesday: back and biceps, Wednesday: running, and so on) and we stayed true to the chart. Except on running days. The thought of running made me throw up in my mouth. Grody, I know. I hated it. Maybe because I would hack up a lung every time I would run, I don't know. Will would hop on the treadmill (like a fat kid hops on cake, catch my drift?) bump his speed up to 7.0, and I did the same because I didn't want to look stupid in front of my new husband. That's not true at all, I just wanted to prove I could kick his butt with running. I really thought I was more of a natural than Will. Boy, did I think wrong. He was focused, fast, and didn't want to stop. I, on the other hand, hit the pause button every 3 minutes. I felt ashamed to be on a treadmill next to the surprisingly, almighty runner, William.

It really is the worst feeling in the world getting back into the gym, because your body hates you for dragging it all the way to a place that makes you sweat, and hurt all over. It's like an addiction, my body was addicted to sitting on it's tushy. I've learned that the gym is important for that reason, as much as it hurts to go and kick your muscles into gear, it's a better kind of addiction. Not that I'm saying you should be addicted to working out. What I'm trying to say is I'm glad I married someone that loves to be healthy and workout because I know I don't. It definitely helps to have that motivation. Oh, and I kick Will's trash any day when we go running. He's all about lifting weights now, so he's not a big runner anymore. Helps boost my confidence when I go running with him. Ha.


sarjuh said...

oh man... hate RUNNING!!! good for you though, i totally know how you feel

Marlowe @ Come Home to Roost said...

I'm almost motivated to be motivated to work out. Still thinking about it though, cuz once I start the guilt won't let me stop.

Anna said...

"married people weight," so true!