Saturday, February 5, 2011

You've got a friend in me

I'm so grateful for friends. I don't see all of the buddies that I made throughout my life, because that happens to be life for you. But, I think about all of my friendships I developed over the years and how they influenced my life for good. Friends are a great blessing in life. I want to thank all of my friends for making me smile, teaching me, loving me, and for the honor it is to be your friend. Happy Weekend, friends!


Julie and Spencer said...

Thanks for that post! YOu are a great friend! Let's get together soon.


KaRynn said...

I miss you Mac! And all that good stuff goes right back atcha. I can't imagine my life without having met you! You are amazing and make me smile and laugh.

Zach & Lindsey Boskovich said...

You are so CUTE!!! So I have a question. What do you do with all your free time, now that you don't waste it on facebook? Man you have will power. :) I need to get me some of that power, where can I get some? :)

Marci LeBaron Watson said...

Julie: Well, thanks for being an awesome friend. Can't wait to see you!

KaRynn: Seriously, my life would not be complete if you hadn't existed. March can't come soon enough!

Linds: Not a whole lot. Just kidding. I just find more productive things to do. Though, cleaning your house is just not as exciting as Facebook. Will power? Get it? Will. Ha ha. You can't get any "Will" power because Will is all mine. I better go, I'm getting cheesier by the second.

Kevin & Ashley said...

Hey! I miss seeing you! Gym??? Call/text 970-215-3122 I'm finally going again!!!!!!!!!!!!! But really lets go!