Monday, March 28, 2011

Mi Familia es Fantastico

Family time is my cup of tea. I have a crazy family, no doubt about that. But, so worth it when we're able to gather all seven siblings together under one roof for an evening. My eldest brother, Chris came into town from Colorado with his darling wife and SIX boys, that's right, SIX boys. They are all great boys, with gianormous hearts. I love them. We decided it was the perfect time to schedule a family night, and what other day than Monday would be more perfect? That's what I thought.

We had some yummy roasted pulled pork, made by my father. He's a magician in the kitchen. It was all around delicious, and the company topped it off. After we ate, we all sat around my parents television and watched family videos. Let me tell you, my abs are rock solid from tonight's laughing fest. Oh, and I made this for the fam. It turned out to be a hit. I didn't think it was amazing when I first tried it, but it was gone by the time I went back for seconds. I guess it was better than I thought. Apparently, I do possess some of my dads magic skills.

All four brothers (plus their sweet wives and kiddos )and two sisters (one, being my twin--will be married someday, hopefully soon and my eldest sisters husband is working his tushy off in Califonia) were able to enjoy a splendid evening together for a change. I love these moments. Oh, let's not forget Will. He was my sidekick, as usual. Oh, and I forgot to mention it's also in celebration of my brother, Jordan's, new job offer in Seattle, WA. I couldn't be happier for him and his family. They are so lucky that they get to live in such a beautiful, rainy place. I'm not even being sarcastic right now. Can't wait to make visits to see them, Utah will NOT be the same without them! I love it there more than you will ever know. Thanks family for making my day.

(not pictured, but taking the picture. Jeremy's wife, Sarah and Kelli's future hubby, Brandon, aka Beezers, B, or Bran, or..)


Anna said...

SEATTLE! Jealous! I hope Peter gets a job in Seattle someday.

Kelli LeBaron said...

hahahaha, i love you, twin.