Thursday, March 17, 2011

Herbal Remedies/Help

I'm still suffering from adult onset acne. How sweet! No, not really. It definitely weighs on your confidence. I'm really working on not allowing my acne to control my happiness. I will not let my pizza face win! It's frustrating at times because I'm eating healthy (except for the occasional chocolates), and I drink lots and lots of water during the day, so why isn't my face naturally flawless? I have no clue. I'm concluded that the topical creams aren't doing it for me. Starting tomorrow I'm going to treat my skin with natural remedies. I think my body needs a more natural fix, then harsh skin treatments, like benzoyl peroxide. That stuff doesn't feel good on my sensitive skin. I need to develop patience, because the herbal remedies don't kick into gear as fast as strong topical creams do. Good Earth, here I come (and don't forget Will, because he's a big advocate of herbs and a natural way of living--one of many things I love about that man)

Honestly, I feel terrible writing a post about me, me, me, and me...when really I should be focusing my and everyone's attention on the suffering people in Japan. I extend my prayers and love towards those many people that are experiencing loss and torment. Their struggle is far from over. I hope we can lend a hand any way possible, donations, humanitarian work, anything to help make this horrible calamity easier for the people of Japan. Let's try and make a difference.

You know who is a wonderful person. Sandra Bullock, because she donated $1 million dollars towards the Japan Disaster Relief. If I had millions of dollars today, I'd do the same. But, I don't, doesn't stop me from donating though. If you are willing to help in any way, you can donate here.


Anna said...

Let me know if you find something that works. I haven't found anything that really helps my acne, either. :(

Candace and Allen Churchill said...

So this exact same thing happened to me where I suddenly broke out with acne...and it just never went away. I never struggled with it in high school or anything so I was totally confused. My doc told me how common it is in adults, especially women (with our fun hormones) so let me know if you find any natural type remedies. I'm currently using some topical creams and some medication (certain birth control helps with it) but unfortunately nothing has quite solved it all the way yet. Still searching for solutions -- because acutane is scary and last resort.

Marlowe said...

Let me know if you find anything that works ... celia and I are battling this same thing for her. We hit vitamin cottage and decided that was not the answer. She is however, loving their dead sea salt soap.

It's such a hard code to break. And breaks my heart to watch my teenager battle this.

marisalisa said...

i've had the same prob lately. glad i'm not alone in my acne/metabolism woes. :) but about a week ago i picked this up at target:

it's actually working! this zit i've had on my cheek since like... thanksgiving... is finally disappearing and i have had zero breakouts. we'll see what happens in the coming weeks but so far so good!

p.s. benzoyl peroxide does no good AND gave me an allergic reaction... so... i feel ya there.