Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Help, I need somebody, Help, not just anybody, Help, you know I need someone, help.

Warning, I'm not self-consumed. FYI.

I need some help. I went brown from being blonde for years and years and years. Like I've been alive forever. Sheesh. I need some input. I'm hatin' on this new look. I guess I was a true blonde at heart. Besides the point. If any of you Provoers know of a salon/stylist that can make your dreams come true, for a reasonable price, let me know. I LOVE my hairstylist, but she's expensive and my dreams aren't coming true with this new brunette look. I got some great advice from my pal, Candace. I concluded that my bland/dreary Tim Burton brunette color needs to be a lighter brunette and I need some highlights. Not going back blonde, just a contrast, because I don't look excellent with just plain brown hair. This posts purpose is to ask (any fellow readers) for advice. I just expect to pay for a good color. I've been back twice to my hair stylist and my hair is not the rich brown I was hopin' for.

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Julie said...

MARKI! I want to see a piccy of you with brown hair! I recently switched from my too expensive hair stylist and went to the Metropolitan Salon in Provo. They are pretty good. The lady I saw charged $30 for my cut...still kinda pricey, but they were good!