Wednesday, March 2, 2011

There is hope

I want to make something. Anything. Curtains. Quilt. Chair cushion (my bum is num from sitting on plain ol' wooden chairs without a cushion, it's bruising). Design my own clothing. BUT, I just don't have the gift or the time. Once, I'm done with this Anatomy course, I'm treating myself to the gift. Meaning, I'm going to teach the heck out of myself on how to sew, be creative, and develop the gift. I need to give myself a challenge. I need to go outside of the box and discover better, more efficient ways to shop and design. I've never been much of a designer or shopper, but I believe I have some taste in me. I mean, previous generations are full of ancestors that were interior designers, including my great-grandpa. My grandma definitely took on his design patterns, because, dang, she has good taste. What she sees, is not what I see. Therefore, I do not have the gift. But, I want the gift. So, I'm gonna do what it takes to develop the gift. It can happen.


Marlowe said...

ahhh .. start with that little woman up at bear lake. And then ... the worlds of fabric designs await you and the entertainment of ideas are endless :)

Somerset said...

Miss Marci! Things may have changed since I took the class back in Fall 2007. Talk to Denise Fullmer at UVU...she's the prenursing counselor. Good Luck!