Tuesday, January 18, 2011

beautiful woman

Yesterday, I spent the day with my mother. It was long overdue. I drove up to their home in Lehi and off we went to the pool. No, not the relaxing, sit by the pool, get a tan sort of trip. We swam laps, I was panting like a dog the whole time, but surprisingly, I enjoyed every bit of it.

Credit to my mother for tutoring me in the swimming department. She taught me how to correct my stroke, how to breath, and how to keep my body positioned while swimming those vigorous laps. It is the greatest feeling in the world sharing the lap pool with my very own mom. I mean, two years ago she was getting her hip replaced and just a year ago she was getting her other hip replaced. She amazes me with the strength she possesses. My mom swam forty laps and I swam thirty. My momma kicked my trash. I have yet to adhere to her natural ability to swim.

After our time at the pool, we headed over to the Sushi House, had ourselves some Las Vegas rolls and San Francisco rolls. To die for, that's how good they were. We just had a wonderful day, talking about life and goals that we are planning to set for the New Year. I have a mom that I can do this with. Some people don't share the same quality I possess. A mother, that I can call up, seek advice, and learn from. I try to count my blessings each day, this is me trying.


KaRynn said...

I totally need to learn how to swim laps! there's a pool at the gym i just joined, but i don't want to look like a complete fool! lol

Marci LeBaron Watson said...

Get some goggles and a comfortable swimming suit and go for it! It's a lot of fun and definitely gets your heart rate goin'. :)