Saturday, January 22, 2011

you would give me kiss if i were on the soccer team

I have a fond love for playing sports. I may seem like I have an uncoordinated way about myself, but no, when it comes to sports I'm fairly coordinated. Now put me on a date with a guy that I think is adorable, and we're eating dinner at a nice restaurant...pour me a glass of water, and as I go for the water, my shaky nervous hands bump into the water glass rather than grab it with a firm grip, water goes flying and lands perfectly on this adorable guys new goochy pants. Now, that's me being uncoordinated, but I have a good excuse because I was on a date with a really cute guy. Poor Will, I've spilled milk, water, sparkling cider, lemonade, milk, water, lots of milk on his pants a numerous amount of times. And, this was when we were dating. It seems he liked when I spilled stuff on his pants out of nervousness because were hitched for a long long time.

Wow, I got off on a giant tangent.

What I was saying is, I love playing sports. I mostly enjoyed playing soccer. I just wish I had made a greater effort to play more sports in high school, but soccer was it for me. I played a few times when I was still in diapers or maybe I was getting potty trained---I cant remember. It was when I really had no conception of what soccer even was. I just thought we were kicking a ball around for no reason other than if we kicked the ball a lot, we'd get a Capri-sun and some orange slices.

I got a horrible case of pneumonia one year and my lungs became inflamed so I had to take this medication to make the swelling of my lungs go down, but it caused me to feel hungry ALL the time. If I ever wondered what it was like to be pregnant, this came close, I thought. Well, I gained about fifteen pounds or something like that and needed get active so I could shed what I had gained when I was eating hand over fist. I concluded that soccer would be a good way to get active again. I tried out for the team, found I was completely, utterly useless to the Varsity and Junior Varsity team, so I got stuck on the C-team. I thought I had failed at life when I was assigned to this team.

But, I didn't give up. 

I wanted to prove that I was going to be worthy of the Varsity team someday. My position started out as defense, but I decided to become Queen of defense and tryout to be a goalie. I was pretty good. I loved it so much that I practiced everyday, all day. My mom even sent me to Oregon University to get trained by professionals. I wanted to be fast and agile. That's exactly what I became to be.

After spending a year on the C-team, I was bumped up to the JV team. Oh, and I can't forget that I was awarded Most Improved player of the year. Both on C-team and the JV team. I never did get to be a Varsity player. I sometimes blame myself and Coach Minder, (doesn't his name sound like a strict Sweden soccer coach's name? That exactly what he was like) for not gaining enough confidence and desire to be the best goalie. I think that it truly wasn't in me. I'm not an extremely competitive person, which you have to be if you are going to protect that goal. I didn't give up. I became a great goalie in my own eyes. Not in the eyes of Minder or maybe Timothy Howard, but I wanted to develop a talent and perfect it to the best of my ability.


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cHelsEy N mOrgAN said...

i love this post. you make me laugh really hard marc! especially that first paragraph :D