Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Daisy is a funny dog. She is Joseph (bro-in-law) and Jen's (sis-in-law) dog. Daisy was found by a dumpster, therefore, she gets the name Dumpster Daisy. They are in fact our neighbors, they live just upstairs from Will and I. We pretty much think it's the coolest set up. I'm grateful we got a chance to be so close in distance, it's going to be a shame when we won't have them as neighbors anymore. You just won't find neighbors as good as these. Maybe, but I doubt it.

Sometimes when Jen and Joseph are off making the monies. I let Daisy come down stairs to hang out with me. Seriously, guys, it's not that bad. I'm pretty good company. I think. This is what keeps me so entertained....


Marlowe @ Come Home to Roost said...

We miss her .. and you as well!

Kelli LeBaron said...

hahaha, she is the weirdest dog in the entire world.

but I seriously laughed out loud the entire time I was watching that video.