Friday, November 4, 2011

The Big Day..

My twinner-poop is getting all hitched tomorrow. The theme is....get this...Phantom of the Opera!!!!!!!!!

I know! I know! Pretty unique and totally my twins style. It was pretty hilarious because Will kept thinking it's going to be a costume party. He was planning on dressing up as the Phantom himself. Yeah, well, if you know Will, and I know most of you do, he is full of *you know what*. Which is a good thing. He told me he wants to skydive. I'm afraid of heights in case you didn't know. He didn't follow through with his costume, but it's all good, my imagination was enough.

Anywhayz, back to Kelli and her taste.

We are nothing alike, but we love each other tremendously. We haven't always shown each other how much we love each other, but it's always been constant. She is such a great girl. Been through a lot, more than me. Made choices that have made her stronger even if she didn't feel that way in that very moment. But, she has come a LONG way and I love her for that. We are going to have the greatest ole time tomorrow. I've been counting down the hours. We had a little mom/sister/daughter get-together to celebrate Kell Bell getting married to her B-stie boy (Brandon). We got manicures and pedicures and ate out at an Indian restaurant, (we have a tradition in our family, we always order Chicken Makhani and naan when we go to any Indian restaurant--my favorite dish). It was the best girl's night. I loved bonding. We haven't done something like this...EVER! So, it was just a party.

My adorable momster

The entire time we were at the restaurant, my nephew, Mack (the most adorable red-headed nephew I have) and I played Rock, Paper, Scissors. Then, we got bored of that original game and came up with Sword, Shield, and Brick. My nephew has an awesome imagination and a freaking cute laugh. I love that child and everyone else in these pictures.

Kell Bell and B, congratulations! I'm honored to be part of your big day and lives. You are going to make a great married team. MARRIAGE rocks my socks off, so it will yours. Because, well, because we're twins, Kelli. Duuuuuuurrrrr!


Zach & Lindsey Boskovich said...

YEAH!!! So excited for your sister. I got her invitation and she looks so good. She will make a beautiful bride. Sorry I missed your call yesterday. We did not have the best of days yesterday, we (Zach, Peter, and myself) were all kind of grumpy. :) But anyways loved your post.
Oh and P.S. I miss you on facebook! :( I want you back!!! And we NEED to have lunch sometime...SOON!!!

sarjuh said...

Yay for her! I'm happy she is happy and you are looking great and happy yourself so I say this is a happy post. Yay for weddings

Histman8 said...

I need to see pictures! Email me and give me the deets!