Monday, November 21, 2011


Kelli's wedding was unforgettable.

I really wanted to dance with my nephew, but under one condition, I was required to wear a mask. He forced me. We had a lot of fun. Dancing seems to be my families tradition. I mean, we are crazy on the dance floor.

Photography by: Most hilarious and talented, Camille Johnson

Mormon style of course. None of this PG-13 crud.

My sister (Lindz) and neice (Lily), getting their groove on. My neices mom (Sarah) is right behind her!

Nephew Mack (Lindz's boy) break dancing. He has mad skillz.

I wish it were Kelli's wedding all over again. Only because I wasn't the one planning it. Weddings are a pain to plan. Honestly, I've never had to plan one. My mom pretty much took over for me when I was "planning" my wedding. Don't worry, she LIVES for planning things. I was more than happy to pass on the wedding blue prints to my momma, but only because she insisted and she's much more talented than I am!

The cake topper you see right there, is the cake topper that was used on my grandmother and grandfathers cake on their wedding day in 1941. Very special. Kinda jealous that wasn't used on my cake. Guess we all know who the favorite is in this family! Ahem!

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Jani said...

My funny daughter! You picked all the flowers for your wedding! ...and did a great job, I might add! You look good in the mask!