Monday, November 14, 2011

I have a pretty awesome nephew

This weekend was one for the books. I was being abandoned by the love of my life because he had a very important, planned boys and "girl" weekend (his sister, Emily tagged along...there was just too much testosterone, needed to even things out :) Will, his dad, three brothers, and sister all flew out to Greenville, SC to enjoy a weekend of Clemson football. Will was so excited he forgot to pack his own suitcase. The good wife that I am, I helped get him packed. Since, I couldn't be with Will, I decided to watch the game just in case I could spot him. I spent the weekend at my mama's so my mom and I watched most of the game. And every time the camera would scan over the crowd, we would pause the TV (the beauty of DVR) and take the time to see if we could spot the Watson clan. My mom said, "this feels like we're looking for Waldo!" Funny she would say that because the camera scanned by a guy that was dressed up as 'Where's Waldo!" We laughed pretty hard. Good news: Clemson won! I'm very happy because that would have been pretty lame to fly all that way just to lose a game.


Less talk about Will, more talk about me or my nephew. My nephew Ben turned 11 on 11/11/11 which was awesome. We went out to Chili's to celebrate the little guy! He is a goofy kid with a lot of personality. He's extremely witty too.

(Celebrating Ben's birthday at Chili's)

We came back to my parents and came up with a few dances (which were pathetic, but memorable), and then we started to watch Once Upon a Time, new TV sitcom that is not so bad. A little cheesy, but I kind of like it. Oh, and my brother Jeremy slept over too. Which contributed to the funness. He is a hoot and really knows how to get Ben on a laughing attack. Let's not forget that Ben drank a lot of Dr. Pepper because it WAS his birthday and you can do pretty much whatever you want on your birthday. So yeah, he was extremely hyper.

We stayed up fairly late. Late being 12am for me. Usually, I go to bed at 9 when Will is home. Nowadays, we are just old farts. I thought I was going to get to sleep in, but I woke up @ 6:00am to the most obnoxious sound, Jeremy's STOOOOOOPID alarm clock. This very moment brought back memories of when I was in High School and Jeremy's alarm clock would go off for hours unless I got up and turned it off for him and splashed him with water to get the *BEEP* out of bed so he wouldn't be late for early morning seminary. I was a wonderful sister, oh and I still AM! So, I didn't get the beauty sleep I needed. Instead, I studied my little brain until it was fried.

When everyone woke up from their beautiful soundly sleep, we booked it to Maglebys Fresh and got all you can eat french toast. My kind of breakfast to fatten you up. I need not bore you of my entire weekend. Just hear me when I say I have an awesome nephew that has a heart of gold.

(Having a mini-party at Cabelas)

A year ago Ben was in the PICU because he developed a rare condition called Kawasaki disease. It was serious and it was predicted that he wasn't going to make it. He sure fought his way to survival. I'm so grateful he is still here because without that boy life would not be the same. Plus, he is hilarious. The world needs good humor and he's got it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEN!

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